Fusing traditional Penang Nyonya food and Chinese dishes under on roof, Penang Village Restauurant brings out the delights of traditional cuisine through a modern design setting. All the interior design concepts are the brainchild of Tony, the owner of the restaurant. The proliferation of design elements that are inspired by tableware will definitely surprise and amaze diners the moment they step into this haven. It's really a treat to be able to dine in such a comfortable ambience.

At the entrance stands an eye-cathing decoration - a rack formed by various sets of stacked up white bowls and a menu is placed on it to let customers suss out specialty dishes at a glance. A wall made of square bricks serves as a screen, separating the dining area behind it, while more white bowls embellish the entrance which is enshrouded in red light. The thoughtful owner has even placed designer sofas at the waiting areas in front of and behind the cashier counter so that customers can feel at ease while waiting to be served.

The spacious dining area can accommodate around 60 people. Round chandeliers, dining tables designed with a splash of fun, warm lighting coupled with greenery reflect the innovative and interesting thoughts behind the designs and instantly make diners feel as though they are having a meal by the summer beach.

In the VIP area, curtains are used to form snug enclaves for diners who need some privacy. Pull the curtains apart and the space will be enlarged instantly. Buddies can hang out at the leisure area at the other side and have a chat and a drink to relax and relieve stress. The owner has taken advantage of intersecting white stripes to play up the uniqueness of space and three themed walls draped in black are further used to create a harmonious contrast with those stripes.