Have you pined for good old traditional Malay food but found an inadequate number of restaurants serving food like the ones dished up at Malay homes, traditional food bazaars, villages or at open houses during Hari Raya Puasa?

Well, Ramadan is the period of the year when local food reigns supreme with so many places serving up traditional favourites that even diners might have a tough time deciding where to eat.

Penang Village like many restaurants serves up an array of traditional favourites but this house of Nyonya food does so with a differenc, impressing diners with timeless Nyonya specialities in its buffet line up.

The Nyonya experience begins at the appetizer section featuring a range of fresh ulam (local salad), delicious Chicken Lobak, Penang Otak-otak and Kerabu Mango among other dishes.

Besides Nyonya appertisers, diners can delight in Chinese styled salad like Kerabu Pomelo with Chicken, Four Seasons Roll and Sotong Ball and Malay favourites like Kerabu Kacang Botol.

Chef Putera Othman also gets the kitchen to pund up good old sambal dips like Sambal Belechan, Sambal Cincalok, Sambal Mangga and Garlic Chili Sauce to go with the right appertiser. If you don’t know which Sambal sauce to pair with your appertiser, just ask the friendly wait crew standing nearby as they are always ready to assist.

Penang Village general manager Connie Su said more Chinese styled dishes had been introduced on the main course to give diners variety to dine on.

“We have our popular Nyonya dishes as well as Malay dishes but we decided to have a variety of Chinese dishes to make the buffet line-up a little different and a lot more exciting for our customers,” she said.

Among chafing dishes filled with Malay dished like Beef Rendang, Kangkung Belachan, Nasi Tomato, Ayam Masak Merah are Nyonya likables like Baba Friend Chicken, Stir Fried Prawn with Tom Yam Sauce, Heh Bee Butter Prawn, Assam Petai Tofu and Lemak Curry Prawn.

Sharing a spot among these dishes are Chinese stir-fries like Ginger Beef with Spring Onion, Lychee Sweet & Sour Prawn, Fish Fillet with Black Bean Sauce, Mapow Tofu, Seafood Mixed Vegetables, Kung Pow Squid and Foo Yoong Omelette.

Minf you these are just some of the dishes on one particular Ramadan menu.

Su said the Ramadan promotion featured more than 40 dishes on five running menus and each was different from the other.

The outlet also has action stations with a barbecue corner offering enticing aromas pf grilled Lamb Chops and Ikan Bakar and Penang Village’s popular yearly favourite Penang Char Koay Teow and Roti Jala with Chicken Curry.

Of course an outlet selling Penang food would not be complete without offering popular hawker dishes like Assam Laksa, Curry Mee, Tom Yam Beehon, Prawn Mee and Soto Ayam.

Su said this year the outlet had also included pasta on the buffet line to cater to their young diners who may not like the savoury stuff their parents enjoy.

Managing director Tonny Leow and Su are both Penangites and rather fastidious about the kind of dishes that are cooked up at their outlets.

Leow is especially particular about the quality of local desserts plated out.

“I grew up on good Nyonya kueh in Penang so I know that it is important for the chef to know the right combination of coconut milk and sugar for a particular recipe to bring out the authenticity in taste of local deserts.

“And I am satisfied with the variety (Seri Muka, Kuih Talam, Pulut tai Tai, Ang Koi and Kueh Lapis) that our kitchen prepares,” he said.

To quench your thirst, there’s ample Ice Bandung and The Tarik at this buka puasa venue.