When Penang Village co-owner Connie Su hinted that we should try the Lemak Curry Prawn dish, little did the we know that our taste buds would crave for more every time we walked over to the buffet line to replenish our plates.

Since there were sp many other dishes on the buffet spread at a luncheon organised by a group of friends, it was wise to look into the earthen pots to check out what else was there instead of being hooked to one dish all night.

Although resisting the temptation to go for more prawns was tough, we had to steer ourselves away to try other inviting dishes.

Su describes the Lemak Curry Prawn as a fusion inspired recipe.

It has a milky lustre but there is no coconut milk in this particular Nyonya prawn dish.

Instead, the fusion bit is the evaporated milk, which is a good substitute for coconut milk, she said.

The non-sweet canned milk is the thickening agent that adds flavour to the marvellous mix of curry paste, fresh curry leaves, dried shrimps, onions and thai chilli which go into the wok when the dish is being prepared.

It helps that firm and crunchy fresh prawns are used, another reason for this dish's popularity.

A walk along the buffet area leads to the very dark and inviting Ayam Goreng Inchi Kabin.

Those who enjoy deep-fried chicken will find themselves going back for seconds, even thirds.

Su said Penang Village dose catering for private functions and small groups at the restaurant.

It also dose outside catering.

The buffet spread that we were privy to was a real treat. The Petai with Sambal Ikan Bilis and Tofu offers a balance of sweet, sour and spicy while other hot picks were the Lala Goreng Madu, Pumpkin Fried Rice, Chilli Green Mussel and Curry Chicken Kapitan.

On the outer perimeters, an action counter had cooks busy cooking Penang Village’s famous barbequed lamb and beef with Nyonya Marinade.

Su said there were several action stalls, which customers could decide to have at their party.

“Our cooks can prepare Roti Jala, Assam Laksa, Char Kuey Teow and Curry Mee at the action counter,” Su explained.

Penang Village’s catering arm can whip up a feast depending on the allocated budget given by the client.

Su said private function catering started from RM20++ per person for the high tea menu featuring a simpler spread of cakes, roti jala, sandwiches, Nyonya kuih, Fried Chicken and others.

Penang Village’s extravagant menu comes to fore when the cooks prepare for functions that cost RM50++ or RM100++ per person.

On the buffet line are favourites like Chicken Curry Kapitan, Ikan Bakar, skewered items, ulam, Pandan Chicken, Lemak Curry Prawns, Sambal Boiled Egg, Chilli Green Mussel and Ayam Goreng Inchi Kabin.

For dessert, there’s a selection of assorted cakes, pudding, Nyonya kuih, agar-agar and fruits.