The black-and-red Nyonya wedding baskets hanging from the ceiling are a pretty sight. Each cluster of four lacquered baskets partly encircle a woven Teochew basket.

Penang Village in Putrajaya features a decor that is a blend of the tradisional and contemporary, in comparison to sister restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas, USJ Subang Jaya and Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

The group has also expanded to Surabaya in Indonesia with more franchise negotiations now under way.

Penang Village restaurant bank on glorious food from the Pearl of the Orient and herald the fusion concept with a twist - the cuisine is traditional but the presentation is contemporary.

Crispy Sotong with Wasabi Mayonaise was an excellent example.

Succulent squid rings in heavy batter were drizzled with a greenish sauce that was creamy with the subtle,pungent kick of horseradish.

The popular Penang Oyster Omelette was another worthwhile effort for Penangities who just love the dish.

The omelette came loaded with juicy oysters and was best savoured hot.

A large number of Nyonya dishes are also on the menu and the chefs have invented a chicken dish, Nyonya BBQ Chicken, based on the dish favoured ny the Chinese.

After six hours of marinating, the chicken meat was tender and had fully absorbed the spices.

When the dish arrived, the succulent chicken pieces were further smothered in a thick, sweetish sauce.

Apparently,the dish is a favorite among the children and this explains the dainty portions.

Penang Village is also famous for its Ying-Yang Garoupa. Though not a traditional fish dish, it is favoured for its excellent blend of two distinctive sauces.

One side was topped with a laarge mound of kerabu ( a zesty mango, onion and cuttlefish salad) while the other was drenched in assam gulai sauce( a tamarind-based spicy sauce).

Both sauces were great in their own right and complemented the fish well.

More seafood delights arrived,namely the Hee-Bee Butter Prawns and Nyonya Sweet & Sour Soft Shell Crab, served with warm mantau(dumplings) buns.

The soft shell crab can be enjoyed whole without any labour-intensive effort.

However,the sauce for this dish could have used some chilies.

Hee-Bee referred to the dried shrimps liberally strewn over the prawns.

The shrimps imparted a wonderful flavour to the prawns.

Also enjoyable was the Chicken Curry Kapitan,prepared dry and again, best relished hot from the pot.

Interestingly, the Penang Gurney Rojak was offered as dessert. The secret behind this famous dish was the prawn paste from Balik Pulau.

The consistency of the sauce was light enough not to overpower the fishy taste usually associated with rojak sauce.

Penang Village also offers Durian Chendol,Mango Ice and Rainbow Ice Kacang in large portions.