For a chance of fare, Penang Village offers Bulan Ramadan Buffet at two of its outlets in Taman Tun Dr Ismail and Desa Sri Hartamas. The buffet, priced at RM21.90 (adults) and RM14.90 (children under 12), offers a menu of over 30 dishes that changes daily.

There are be cold and hot drinks, appetizers and dipping sauce, main courses and noodles (fried and soup).

Penang Village does offer a good mix of both Malay and Nyonya dishes as well as Penang specialties that are the forte of Tang, its Penang-born chef.Appetizers include an assortment of ulam, kerabu pucuk-paku, kerabu mangga, kerabu chicken feet, gado-gado, tofu sumbat, chicken lorbak, fried popiah, lumpia mayonnaise, Nyonya fish cake, etc. To go with the ulam, there's sambal belacan, sambal dried prawns, sambal ikan bilis, cincaluk, and sambal mangga.

There is also be a choice of soup noodles like tomyam bihun, soto ayam, curry mee and their signature asam laksa. Or, if you prefer, there's char kuey teow, mun yee mi, mi hailam and mi mamak.

Hot man dishes are served with pineapple rice, nasi ulam, fried rice and plain steamed white rice. There is a good balance of seafood as well as meat dishes. Honey orange chicken, for instance, is a favorite with children for its sweet flavor and crunchy coating of sesame seeds. But this year, the Nyonya BBQ chicken is vying for the place of honor too. It won me and My Best Friend over. The chicken is well marinated - the combination of coriander, oyster sauce, ginger, garlic and shallots have seeped deep into the meat. The chicken is first roasted and then poured over with the Nyonya sauce. This is an interesting sauce with tangy, sweet and mildly spiced aromas that children will love with their rice. MBF loves the black pepper beef - tender slivers of beef with capsicum and the explosive flavor of freshly ground black pepper.

If you like seafood, try the sotong with wasabi mayonnaise and the kam heong la-la, two dishes are different in character as day and night. The addition of wasabi to the mayonnaise goes well with thedeepfried sotong while the dried prawns in the spicier kam heong gives the humber la-la a zing. I get worried about eating la-la in shops/restaurants but Tang assures me that the la-la is first blanched and opened - to clean it of mud and impurities - before it's fried with the kam heong sauce.

Nyonya sweet and sour crab is a treat. The blue flower crabs lend a natural sweetness to the sauce that I can't get enough of. Leave this till the end as you'll be tempted to dig in with your fingers and all.

For desserts, there's pudding, jellies, kuih-muih, fresh fruit and cakes.